Sunrei Tarot are intuitive readings utilizing Tarot decks to reflect on current experiences in your life to offer a deeper understanding with the intent of finding what is holding you back from experiencing your potential on all levels.

What makes Sunrei Tarot different?

It's not just about receiving a reading, we are going deeper into layers of your subconscious mind to discover what pattern are playing out in your life over and over again. It is about clearing the clutter in your mind, it is about truly living your full Soul's purpose. Clearing ties to hidden fears that are holding you back. Understanding your patterns is the first step, the next is to bring in new patterns through my offering of powerful mantras that you will repeat to yourself over and over again, to replace an old patterns and thoughts. The last most powerful offering goes deeper and is an Energy Alignment Process that accesses the energetic vibration of your full potential and clears what is in the way. Connecting you more to your intuitive and manifesting abilities as you create the life you want, based on your unique Divine Gifts.

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